Name Change Procedure in Hyderabad

Name Change Procedure Consultants in Hyderabad providing guidance how to change your name legally and how to rectify the mistakes occurred in existing name like to correct the spelling mistakes and other related corrections legally in Hyderabad.  The solution to name change is to publish in Government Official Gazette, Hyderabad.  There may be many reasons for name change, viz., horoscope, numerology, latest trends, religion conversion, surname change for women after marriage and may supposition, so amazingly the change of name is became a basic marvel in Hyderabad and in other places.   For these and other interchange reasons individuals are showing much interest to change their names legally now-a-days in India. Name Change Procedure in Hyderabad divided in to four categories i.e., Name Change for Major, Name Change for Minors, Surname Change for Women after Marriage and Name Change for Government Employees.  The process for change of name until in getting gazette publication is three stages.

Change of Name Process:

The process of name change procedure in Hyderabad, is three stages, first stage is getting Police Verification Certificate, second stage is apply for getting Annexure-II Certificate from Tahsildar and finally the third stage is publishing change of name in Government Official Gazette, Hyderabad and as prescribed below:

Apply for Police Clearance Certificate – 1st stage

Before starting the process the name change procedure in Hyderabad you should not involve in any criminal offences registered in any Police Station or pending in any court, so your existing name should be clear records and in good conduct.   You may apply for Police Verification Certificate to your nearest Police Station by giving a Request Letter along with all your relevant documents.  But if you are living in and around Ranga Reddy District/Cyberabad/Racha Konda Commissionerate limits you should apply to Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad/Racha Konda, Gachibowli for Police Verification Certificate.

The Documents required to apply:

  • Request Letter to Station House Officer
  • Affidavit in Rs.20/- Stamp Paper/Bond Paper duly Notarize.
  • ID Proofs such as Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport, PAN Card, Driving License etc.
  • SSC Memo for date of birth proof
  • Other educational certificates if any
  • Recent Passport size Photo

By fulfill all formalities for name change procedure in Hyderabad you may apply through E-seva or Mee-seva to concerned Station House Officer of your area, regarding Cyberabad/Racha Konda limits area people may directly submit to Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad/ Racha Konda, Gachibowli, Hyderabad.  The Police Officials after thorough investigation and scrutiny of all documents submitted by you, if you are fit they will issue Verification Certificate.  Without Police Verification the Tahsildar will not consider your application to issue Annexure-II Certificate.

Apply to Tahsildar for Annexure-II Certificate – 2nd Stage

After getting Police Clearance Certificate for Name Change Procedure in Hyderabad the individual who residing in Hyderabad Telangana shall apply for Annexure-II Certificate in the form of Annexure-I Application to the Executive Magistrate/Tahsildar  by way of Annexure-I Application along with here the stated relevant documents by directly or through E-seva or Mee-seva.

Required Documents:

  • Annexure-I Application duly affixed with Rs.2/- Stamp
  • Annexure-II do not fill-up it, Tahsildar’s office will fill-up it.
  • Affidavit typed in Rs.20/- Stamp Paper and notarize it.
  • ID Proofs such as Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport, PAN Card, Driving License etc.
  • Police Vertification Certificate (Original)
  • SSC Memo for date of birth proof
  • Other educational certificates if any
  • Recent Passport size Photo

Publishing Change of Name in Telangana Gazette – 3rd Stage

The third stage for Name Change Procedure in Hyderabad is apply for Gazette Publication of Annexure-II Certificate in official gazette of Telangana State by way of request letter along with Tahsildar Certificate Original and other relevant documents as stated here to The Commissioner of Printing & Stationary, Hyderabad.

Required Documents to apply:

  • Request Letter to Commissioner of Printing, Hyderabad
  • Annexure-II Original Certificate (Original)
  • Specimen Publication Matter Two copies
  • SSC Memo
  • other educational certificates if any
  • ID Proofs such as Aadhar Card, Voter ID, Passport, PAN Card, Driving License etc.
  • Recent Passport size Photo
  • DD for for Rs.375/-.

After thorough verification of all the documents for Name Change Procedure in Hyderabad which you have submitted along with Annexure-II, if it is fit, then your change of name will publish in Gazette.  For all above three stages to prepare affidavit and other related documents better to approach a legal practitioner/ advocate, so that it will be legally effective.   Our associates are providing legal services in preparing affidavit, publication matter and other related documents for change of name according to State Government Procedure and guidelines.

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